Before you teach your kids some words start with “ch“, teach them how to make “ch” sound. The first idea come to our mind is the sound a train makes, “choo-choo-choo”. If your kids love toy trains, play with them on the floor. Say “Choo choo!” frequently and encourage your child to join in. Another way of teaching the CH sound is by teaching your child where to place the tongue. Encourage her to place her tongue tip on the roof of the mouth at the bumpy ridge just before it goes down toward the back of the mouth.

Then add each vowel after the CH sound. They are “cha, che, chi, cho, and chu”. Finally, introduce your kids with word start with “ch”. Use the word list below to practice the CH sound. 

Read the words: chapter, check, chin, chocolate, church. Then ask your kids to draw it. Also, you can let your kids write the words and then match up their pictures with the right words.


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