Teaching children to count involves more than helping them learn the numbers one to ten. It involves helping children understand the meaning of numbers. When first learning to count, kids need to know the concept of “one-to-one correspondence” that is each object being counted represents “one more.”

You can help your child learn to count by making counting a fun part of your day. One of the best way to teaching counting to your kids is do simple counting around the house. Give them a list of various things around your home – windows, tables, chairs, etc. – and they had to go around the house counting and recording the numbers.  This activity will help your child:

  • Understand “how many”
  • Practice counting and doing simple number problems
  • Understand the connection between a group of things and a number
Take it Further

Move from counting around the house to counting everywhere. Count apples as you load them into a bag at the grocery store, or  the number of items that you purchase.

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