Kids LOVE hot chocolate; throw in some marshmallows and it is tasty. We can teach our children math while making a cup of hot chocolate. 

Hot Cocoa Counting

Kids can practice counting from 1-20. Put the marshmallows in the hot cocoa drawing to show number on the mug. This activity allows kids to count, understanding and recognizing “how many” in sets of objects.

Count marshmallows in the hot chocolate and write down the number on the line of the mug.

Hot Cocoa Addition

Practice adding sums within 10 with a motivating, simple matching game. For an extra bit of fun, drink some real hot cocoa while your kids is playing.

Put 3 marshmallows, and then 3 more. Kids can count from 1 to see how many, practice together with counting on from the first set and saying “3….. 4, 5, 6.”   3+3=6!

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