Numbers are used to show how many there are of something. By comparing number, we know:

  • how much a number is greater or smaller. 
  • distances between two places.
  • weight of two quantities.
  • volume of liquids. 
  • length of two objects.

Three symbol

We use three sign to compare numbers:

Hungry Alligator

Mr Alligator is very hungry and opens his mouth to eat the big numbers. Only big numbers will satisfy his hunger. 

Sing the song and learn the concept.

Coco Crocodile loves to munch
Juicy numbers for his lunch.
Small number make his belly sore.
Big numbers make him shout for more.
When Coco takes a bite
Large numbers fill his appetite.

To remember which way around the “<” and “>” signs go, just remember:

Let do it

More or Less is a fun game to learn comparing numbers. Children will learn to count How Many More or Less?



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