Another Way Of Learning Division At Home

Children can start learn division from sharing things or grouping things. Every time when parents bring some cookies or bake them, you can ask your kids to divide cookies equally among the family members. If you have baked or brought 10 cookies and there are four family members, ask your Read more…

Make Fractions Sweet With Hershey’s Chocolate

Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, which are conveniently divided into 12 equal squares, making them the perfect manipulative for demonstrating how fractions work. First, introduce fraction concept to your kids using chocolate bar. Second, let your kids to practice fraction. Your kids can match the fraction card with chocolate bar. If they able Read more…

Caterpillar Math

Caterpillar Math is suitable for preschooler and kindergartner to practice numbering and counting. Your kids can draw the caterpillar as long as they like. Then, they can write down the number and count the circles from the caterpillar. Finally, kids can compare which caterpillar is long and which is short.

Ladybird Equations

Summary of More or Less Concept: More – describes an amount greater than another. Less – describes an amount smaller than another. Equal – describes exactly the same amount as another. In order for kids to understand the concept, they can create their own equation using math symbol.