Plants are living things, they grow and reproduce.  Plant starts life as a seed. Seed contains the embryo of the plants with necessary food and an outer coating for protection. When a seed settles in suitable ground, it breaks open and the embryo starts to grow. This part of the process is called ‘germination’. 

The seed will only germinate, if the soil is healthywarm and access to water. Roots grow down into the ground, taking up water and nutrients, and a shoot grows up through the soil towards the sky. The first sign of life from a seed appears out of the soil, it is called seedling. The shoot develop into a stem, transporting water and minerals from the roots up to the rest of the plant. 

Plants continue to grow till mature and start to make flowers and pollen. Pollen is carried by insects or blown by the wind to another flower. This process is called pollination. When the pollen reaches another flower, it travels to the ovary where it fertilizes the egg cells to make seeds. This process is called fertilization. The newly produces seeds disperse across the land and begin their new life as a plant. New plant produces beautiful flowers and the cycle start again.



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