Snails can be found in gardens, ponds and in the sea. They do not have backbone. They have soft, and unsegmented bodies. These animals move around on a single muscly foot and carry shell on their back. The body of the snail is long, moist and slimy. They retreat inside their shells at the first sign of danger.

A snail is most active at night and on cloudy days. It does not like sunshine. The majority of snails are herbivores eating vegetation such as leaves, stems and flowers. Snails don’t have teeth. They are the slowest animals on the planet. They move at the speed of 0.5 inches per second.

Snails have different shaped shells. It can be a single shell that is rounded, spiral high and pointed or it can be flat. The shell grows entire life. Rich calcium food ensures strong shell. Snail has two pairs of tentacles on its head. One pair is longer than other. Eyes are located on top of the long tentacles. Short tentacles are equipped with sense of smell (to find food and feel the way). 

Snails contain both male and female reproductive organs. Therefore, it can produce sperms and eggs at the same time. However, to fertilize the eggs, the snails need to exchange sperms with each other. Snails lay up to 100 eggs in the ground. Snails can sleep for three years if the weather is unstable for survival. 

Snail Poem


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