The flag of Malaysia, which was first raised on 16th September, 1963, originated from the flag of the Federation of Malaya. The flag of Malaysia is named “Jalur Gemilang” which means “Stripes of Excellence” or “Stripes of Glory” in Malay. It was named in 1997 by the Prime Minister of that time, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad, who declared the name as representing Malaysia’s goal to strive for progress and success.

Meaning of Malaysia Flag

The flag of Malaysia is a combination of traditional Islamic symbols and the representation of all the states under the federation. The 14 stripes and 14 points of the star represent the equality of the country’s 13 states and federal territories. The red, white, and blue colors used in the Malaysian flag represent that the country belongs to the Commonwealth.

  • Red: strength and brave.
  • White: honesty and integrity.
  • Blue: unity and harmony.
  • Star and crescent: Islam is the country’s official religion.

Other Flags in Malaysia

Each of Malaysia’s 13 states, as well as the Federal Territories, have their own flags. 

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