“Let’s play again so this time I can beat you,” your child says when you capture his last checker. Competition is a social process. Whether it’s a game of basketball or school race, competition is everywhere. There are pros and cons of being competitive.

Many scholars agree that competition is necessary, ingrained and essential. Studies have shown that under certain conditions, competition can improve performance and happiness. People are better off when they are trying to win, and when they are confident. Competition teaches kids real-life lessons about winning and losing. 

Child development experts point out that a little healthy competition can be good for kids. Competitive activities help them develop important skills they’ll use well into adulthood, like taking turns, developing empathy, and tenacity. It teach children to problem solve as a team and help them learn the lifelong skills of working in a group. Competition urges children to challenges their status quo and try new things, which improves their creativity and problem solving skills.

Competitiveness by itself is generally not a bad thing, it’s how people treat competitions that make them unhealthy. As a parent, we need to help our kids to think positively about competition. Remind your kids that having fun is more important than winning or losing. A few losses don’t mean he is a failure in life. Parents need to support their kids through the challenges.

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