Difficult to believe though it my seem, short term memory loss in children does occur and need to be attended. Most people associate memory loss of with the elderly, but kids sometimes struggle with impaired memory function. Short-term memory loss is when we forget things we heard, saw, or did recently.

Symptoms of short term memory loss:

In general, short-term memory loss involves forgetting recent things. This can lead to:

  • Children are having difficulty in remembering name and date.
  • Not able to remember things taught to them earlier.
  • Asking the same questions repeatedly.
  • Forget recent events and places visited before.
  • Forget something they put.

What is the cause?

Improve your child’s short term memory

  • Be patient: Don’t expect kids to get it right away. Offering reminders and praising your child’s efforts.
  • Helping kids get into routines is essential for helping with working memory. Find a pattern that work for your child and stick with it.
  • Make sure that a child’s learning is structured
  • Work on visualization skills. Encourage kids to create a picture in their mind of what they’ve just read or heard.
  • Play games with your child. Memory game such as Where Are You can improve working memory capabilities.
  • Have your child exercise their brain. Asking them question or do math exercise like Egg Even Odd.
  • Make sure your child has a balanced diet. Vital nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and C help boost memory.

Dealing with a child suffering from a short-term memory loss requires a lot of effort and care. As a parent, you need to be supportive of your child. If your short-term memory interferes with your child’s life, talk to your doctor.


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